Emerging Leaders Learning Community (ELLC)

The ELLC is a living/learning community that focuses on leadership development and community service.  The program is open any first-year student with a background in high school or community leadership activities or an interest in learning more about leadership development as an incoming freshman.   

Students in this program live in Blanton Hall together and take four classes in the fall semester, including Psychology of Leadership, College Writing, Fundamentals of Speech, and New Student Seminar. Residents also participate in weekly service-learning projects tied to the Psychology of Leadership class, as well as leadership seminars, retreats, and conferences throughout the academic year.  

Between 85 and 100 students participate in this program each year.  Interested first-year students can sign up for this living-and-learning option during their Pre-Orientation and Placement Test session.

Please read the article about ELLC here: Learning to Lead 

For more information about living in the ELLC, contact Krystal Woolston, Assistant Director of Service-Learning and Community Engagement, at 973-655-4268 or woolstonk@mail.montclair.edu.