What is Collaboratory? 

Collaboratory is a database used by universities across the nation to track their own community-engagement and public service data. This allows universities to showcase to other faculty, staff, students and community members about their engagement within their respective communities. Our goal at the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships is to allow Montclair State University the opportunity to showcase our community  engagement. We need more information regarding these events and would like your assistance in collecting more information for Collaboratory.

Please use the link to  Collaboratory Webpage to get started, or use the contact us form below, and someone from Montclair State University Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships will reach out to you.

Why should I use Collaboratory?
  • Create a sustained, systematic process for reporting community engagement data that support institutional mission
  • Contribute quality data to inform strategic decision-making and respond to requests for internal and external reports
  • Discover the units, faculty, and staff facilitating community engagement and the community members and organizations involved Collaboratory Activity Entry Summary

Getting Started

If your project is a fit, follow the simple steps below to get started

  1. Visit Collaboratory and log in using your Montclair username and password.
  2. Complete your profile with a photo, contact information, and other details.
  3. Review activities submitted by other Montclair faculty, staff, and students.
  4. When you are ready to add community engagement or public service activities click on the “Add Activities” button and follow the prompts to begin inputting your data. Data collected includes:
  • Activity title, a brief description, contact information, and location
  • Collaborators (institutional units, faculty/staff partners, community partners, and other institutions of higher education)
  • Populations served (urban communities, youth, etc.) and areas of focus (education, health and wellness, community and economic development, etc.)
  • Connected scholarship, courses, and student involvement
  • Outputs, institutional outcomes, and community impacts

Collaboratory and the systems we are establishing will make this an easy, quick process. Learn more about the benefits of participation HERE.

Contact Us

Bryan Murdock
Associate Vice President of Community Engagement
Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships
Office Location: College Hall 348E
Phone: 973-655-6831
Sowmya Kampara
Technology and System Specialist
Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships
Office Location: Cole Hall 348