Community Action Nexus Programs and Initiatives

Montclair State University is dedicated to the integration of community service into its research and educational endeavors, driven by the goals of advancing student learning, addressing real-world challenges, and promoting tangible, equitable, and sustainable community betterment. In line with this commitment, the university has established the Community Action Nexus (uCAN), a dynamic, interdisciplinary hub fueled by data-driven solutions. Serving as a bridge to the university, uCAN simplifies access to vital resources, such as facilities, expertise, and partnerships, for students, faculty, and community partners. It serves as a catalyst for collaboration between the university and the community, focusing on addressing locally identified needs.

uCAN represents a comprehensive initiative aimed at cultivating collaboration, enriching student development, and fostering community well-being. With its multifaceted approach, and the invaluable support of dedicated staff, uCAN seeks to make a lasting impact on both the university and its neighboring communities, with a steadfast commitment to promoting equity and regional growth. By nurturing synergies and partnerships, uCAN endeavors to enhance the social, cultural, infrastructural, and educational assets of both the university and the surrounding communities, ultimately contributing to economic and community development, future prosperity, and the overall welfare of the state and region

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