Volunteer Center

Through its resources, the Volunteer Center (VC) collaborates with the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships (OCEP) as they both assist the Montclair State University community in carrying on the Red Hawk tradition of community service by giving back and creating a lasting, productive and meaningful connection. The Volunteer Center and the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships connect with organizations on and off campus to gain partnerships and to better understand and meet their needs. The Volunteer Coordinator and the Community-Engaged Learning Coordinator work together all year round to help students, faculty, and community members off-campus to find and/or create volunteer opportunities; in addition to coordinating two major days of service throughout each year – 9/11 Day of Service and Martin Luther King Day of Service.

For more information, visit the Volunteer Center website and/or contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Suzette Shaw
Volunteer Coordinator
Office Location: Volunteer Center, 104J
Email: shawsu@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-5318