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Meet Our Team

The Center for Community Engagement team
The Center for Community Engagement team. From left to right: Krystal Woolston, Jessica Pichardo, Lauren Brodowski, Kimberly Wolfe, Daniela Chica, Ericka Stevenson, Bryan Murdock.

Bryan Murdock
Director, Center for Community Engagement
Office Location: Dickson Hall 361
Phone: 973-655-6831

Bryan Murdock has more than thirty years of experience in program administration and management. He’s the founding director of the Center for Community Engagement at Montclair State University where he’s responsible for the administration of numerous community-engaged programs, projects and initiatives that engage approximately 1,000 students; collaborate with faculty from the University’s five colleges and school; and partner with 200 community- and faith-based organizations, school districts, governmental agencies, and civic organizations. Since 2010, Mr. Murdock has partnered with the Orange Public Schools to support its Community Schools Strategy, having served as the Project Director of the University Assisted Full Service Community Schools project since 2014.

Krystal Woolston
Assistant Director, Center for Community Engagement
Office Location: Dickson Hall 344
Phone: 973-655-4268

Krystal Woolston is the Assistant Director of the Center for Community Engagement at Montclair State University where she directs the Bonner Leader program, co-coordinates the Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning Faculty Fellows program and the Orange Community Schools Initiative. She also oversees the EECO AmeriCorps program and the community-engaged learning program. She is passionate about getting students involved in volunteering, civic engagement and community leadership. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Family Science and Human Development. Her research focuses on the impact of clergy-perpetrated sexual abuse and institutional betrayal on survivor’s spirituality and post-traumatic growth. She hopes to make an impact on how faith institutions respond to abuse.

Daniela Chica
Graduate Student Office Assistant, Center for Community Engagement
Office Location: Dickson Hall 345
Phone: 973-655-3973

Daniela Chica is the Graduate Student Office Assistant at the Center for Community Engagement. Daniela graduated from Rutgers University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy and a minor in Asian Studies. She is currently in the Clinical Psychology master’s program with a forensic concentration at Montclair State University. Daniela aims to be accepted into a Clinical Psychology PhD program in order to become a licensed psychologist in the state of New Jersey.

Lauren Brodowski
Community Engaged Learning Coordinator, Center for Community Engagement
Office Location: Dickson Hall 345
Phone: 973-655-7645

Lauren Brodowski is a graduate student pursuing her dreams in the music field. Lauren graduated with a BM in music performance from Kean University. As she is working to complete her Master in Music Therapy, Lauren works full-time as the Community Engaged Learning Coordinator for the Center for Community Engagement and AmeriCorps. Serving others and helping the community is what she loves to do.

Jessica Pichardo
Project Specialist, Center for Community Engagement
Office Location: Dickson Hall 346
Phone: 973-655-7882

Jessica Pichardo is the Project Coordinator at the Center of Community Engagement at Montclair State University. Ms. Pichardo is actively involved with the Orange Community School project and further serves as the Program Manager for the Education, Environment and Community Outreach (EECO) AmeriCorps program. Ms. Pichardo has a BA in History from Montclair State University and an MA in Higher Education from Caldwell University. Ms. Pichardo further has work experience stemming from not for profit organizations, Community Schools and the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Todd Kelshaw
Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning Scholar, Center for Community Engagement
Phone: 973-655-5162

As a scholar of organizational communication, my special concerns are for democratic environments in which members may share leadership, collaboratively create and problem-solve, and foster healthy relationships across cultural, moral and attitudinal differences. In an organizational landscape that is increasingly characterized by democratization, globalization, and decentralized yet thoroughly networked interactivities—all of which are advanced through emerging communication technologies—issues of stakeholder empowerment are quickly becoming more important and sophisticated. If, as John Dewey observed, democracy is not so much a mechanism of governance as it is a moral ideal to be realized throughout the communicative contexts of our daily lives, such issues are inherent to all of our communities, spanning residential and civic settings, politics and governance, work, commerce, education, recreation, journalism and so on. Through my scholarship, I aim to interrogate and celebrate notions of relational stakeholdership and to develop and apply dialogic and deliberative communication competencies toward people’s mutual empowerment and organizational well-being.