Students from Bonner Leadership Program

Bonner Leader Program

Montclair State University is one of 85 colleges and universities nation-wide honored to host a Bonner Leader Program.

As Bonner Leaders at Montclair State University, students…

  • participate in mentoring and tutoring programs with community partners;
  • support charitable initiatives on campus;
  • attend local, state and national training meetings, retreats;
  • and lead on-campus or local community service projects.

Bonner Leaders commit to an average of 8-10 hours of service a week and 300 hours for the academic year. These hours are made up primarily of service to a community agency or project, but also from activities such as in-service workshops, training sessions and retreats that address pertinent issues and teach valuable, transferable skills.

Bonner Leaders receive a minimum stipend of $1,200 through the program or, if eligible, through the Federal Work-Study program. Bonner Leaders are also eligible to receive a $1,100 scholarship for every year of service they successfully complete. This scholarship is applied in the fall semester following a successful year, and in the fall and spring semester of a graduating senior.

The Montclair State University Bonner Leader Program is a collaboration between the Center for Community Engagement and the Center for Student Involvement.

‌If you are interested in being a Bonner Leader, please contact:

Krystal Woolston
Assistant Director, Center for Community Engagement
Phone: 973-655-4268

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