Bonner Leader Program

Montclair State University is one of 68 colleges and universities nation-wide honored to host a Bonner Leader Program. The Bonner Program began in 1990 and each year, it continues to get better and better.

The Bonner Program challenges and supports students to take their passion for service and continue to provide service throughout college – “Access to education, is an opportunity to serve.” As Bonner Leaders at Montclair State University, students…

  • devote at least 8-10 hours of service each week totaling a minimum of 300 hours for the academic year;
  • commit to a 4 year internship program throughout their undergraduate career that focus on community building, diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, social justice, international perspective, and spiritual exploration;
  • serve in schools, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies to address identified needs and to resolve issues involving education, safety, housing, food insecurity, youth development, environmental sustainability, and so on
  • participate in trainings, in-service workshops, conferences, orientations, retreats, research, reflections, leadership roles, direct client service, capacity building, social action, and a senior presentation of learning;
  • will develop specific skills involving civic agency and identity, critical thinking and perspective taking, communication, diversity and intercultural competence, empathy, integrative learning, leadership, place-and-issue knowledge, and social justice;
  • receive a stipend and are eligible to apply and receive a scholarship for every year of service they complete;
  • gain friendships, new experiences, memories, and a new outlook on their bright future ahead.


We are now accepting applications for first-year students and rising sophomores. Applications are due : June 30th (priority) and July 15th (final deadline).


Apply today!

Our Bonner Leaders at the 2023 Summer Orientation in Hazlet, NJ.

‌If you are interested in being a Bonner Leader, please contact:

Mikaela Guzman
Interim Bonner Leader and Service Coordinator
Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships, Cole Hall 348
Phone: 973-655-4268

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