Dr. Lauren Dinour

CETL Fellow Project Highlights

The CETL Fellows program, which spans over two academic years, allows faculty members at Montclair State University to implement community-based teaching practices in their curriculums. Some of the projects created by past and current fellows involve:

  • Researching older adults, accessibility, and the Montclair State University campus
  • Developing partnerships with community partners so that students can be paired with children with disabilities who attend after-school or enrichment classes
  • Creating workshops for families at Orange Early Childhood Center
  • Conducting workshops in conjunction with the Diverse Worlds of Music/WAE Center and performances with the members based on material they are learning in class
  • Researching Teaching Methods in Nontraditional Settings
  • Identifying projects that students will be able to work on off campus, including but not limited to non-partisan voter registration in immigrant areas
  • Creating coaching plans that interested Bonner Leaders may complete with graduate coaches who are currently training in M.A./Ph.D. programs
  • Accessing ethics in STEM disciplines as well as the consequences of mathematics
  • Exploring, through the integration of theory and practice, theater as a catalyst for social change and provides a structure for making community connections
  • Enabling students to learn the theory and practice of Audio Description (AD) and bring that service to the visually impaired population in the US
  • Developing of an algorithmic system for musical representation of pain experience for assessment and therapeutic mitigation through music
  • Seeking to build and expand a relationship between Montclair State University and the Montclair Township School District to develop public programming that provides a Humanities perspective on Science & Technology

Project Goals:

  • To gain an understanding of barriers that may prevent older adults from accessing MSU’s campus and of the frequency and reasons why older adults access MSU’s campus
  • That students gain practical experience in providing support to children with disabilities within natural environments in their community, with non-disabled peers
  • To help parents feel empowered to provide literacy experiences in their homes and for students to learn the importance of collaborative home-school-university partnerships
  • To have the students experience bringing course material members who are developmentally and intellectually disabled in an understandable way
  • That students interview partners regarding philosophy, methods, experiences, and student engagement
  • To link student learning about immigrants with local social and political dynamics and to conduct research that will benefit the grassroots immigrant community in New Jersey
  • To help students understand the social ramifications of science and technology and to help them realize that the math skills they are learning can offer the ability to understand social problems and their complexities
  • To improve the Leadership Development minor in general and specifically its utility for Bonner Leaders and to give Bonner’s the chance to experience Leadership Coaching