Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships

Established by President Koppell in 2023, the Office for Community Engagement and Partnerships (OCEP) is the core unit at Montclair State University with responsibility to advance University’s community engagement mission, to ensure Montclair is a partner and asset to the region and State, to mobilize the University’s response to community-identified issues and concerns and to support faculty and staff in delivering sustainable and substantiative engagement and outreach activities. To achieve these goals, we partner with all major divisions of the university and connect the various community-focused programs across academic and co-curricular units with the University’s larger community engagement mission. OCEP is comprised of three areas of work the University Community Action Nexus, Public Service Programs, and Community Engaged Teaching and Research.


Community Engagement refers to the process of which individuals and organizations who collaborate within a community to establish a positive working relationship for the purpose of building and bettering the community as a whole. The Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships plays an important role in managing both organizations who are in need and individuals who want to serve in our community.

We invite you to learn more about the Office (see below) and to get involved!

Opportunities for Faculty

We invite faculty to join the Office and its team to work together to fulfill our vision of an engaged university; one where learning and research are transformed and grounded in human caring and experience while contributing to the growth of healthy and vibrant communities.

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Opportunities for Students

The OCEP provides many opportunities for students to get involved with local communities. From the Bonner Leader Program and National Days of Service to AmeriCorps and the Community Engaged Learning program, we invite students to join the OCEP to get engaged, give back, and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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Opportunities for Campus and Community Partners

The Office is committed to developing sustained, reciprocal, and mutually beneficial campus/community partnerships characterized by closeness, equity, and integrity. As a central hub connecting the campus to the community, the Office seeks to join with community and faith-based organizations, local schools, civic associations, and social action networks to form collaborative efforts to address issues of public concern.

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Bryan Murdock
Associate Vice President of Community Partnerships
Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships
Office Location: Susan A. Cole Hall 348E
Phone: 973-655-6831
Krystal Woolston
Director of Public Service Programs
Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships
Office Location: Susan A. Cole Hall 348D
Phone: 973-655-4268