Summer 2012 Courses


ENGL 601: Seminar in American Literature: Gender and American Identity

Prof. Miranda Sherwin

12-week session: May 17-Aug 2 6:00-9:25

     This course will examine the gendering of the American identity.  Drawing from a variety of sources including novels, short stories, poetry and film, we will look at how men and women have been portrayed and analyze persistent stereotypes.  Focusing on the social, economic, and legal contexts of women's lives, and the aesthetic factors at play in the works, we will examine topics such as marriage, parenthood, sexuality, and identity.  We will also explore the relationship between women and literary creation and discuss the ways in which race and gender are discourses that work together to define the course that women’s lives take and the options that are available to them.  Through close readings, we will introduce and explore differing methodological approaches to literature, with an emphasis on feminist critiques. Writers might include Kate Chopin, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Ernest Hemingway, Zora Neale Hurston, Henry James, Maxine Hong Kingston, Nella Larsen.



ENWR 600:  Seminar in Writing Studies: Teaching Writing through Technology

Prof. Melinda Knight

6-week session May 21-June 28 M/W 6:00-9:25

This course will examine the impact of technology on writing studies theory and practice. Readings and discussion will provide a foundation for analyzing digital writing environments and understanding how to make them work productively. Students will learn how technology can enhance the teaching of writing through such tools as blogs, wikis, social networking, chat, and electronic classrooms.