MAT in English

A post-BA Teacher Education Certification in English and a Master of Arts in Teaching English require 36 credits in English.  This coursework can be taken concurrently with education coursework.

Students with strong backgrounds in English should consider 500-level courses; less experienced students should take undergraduate courses at the 200, 300, or 400 level.  Students must complete at least one 500- or 600-level course in English (ENGL or ENLT prefix).

Appropriate credits completed at the undergraduate level may be counted against the 36-credit total.  A student who has completed a particular requirement at the undergraduate level does not need to repeat that requirement at the graduate level.  (Courses must be 200-level or higher.)

Certification, whether pursued as part of an MAT degree or independently, requires coursework in the following areas:

  1. One (1) Critical Theory course such as ENGL 300: Pursuits of English or ENLT 514: Theoretical Approaches to Literature (3 credits);

  2. Two (2) British literature courses (6 credits), one of which must be Shakespeare (ENGL 353, 354, 508, 509, or 510);

  3. Two (2) American literature courses (6 credits), one of which must focus on literature from before 1900 (ENGL 228, 326, 333, 336, 550, 555, 556, or 557); 

  4. One (1) Teaching Writing course, generally ENWR 371: Teaching Writing in Public Schools (3 credits);

  5. One (1) Film course that includes shot-by-shot analysis (generally ENFL 208: Introduction to Film), (3 credits)

  6. Two (2) courses that focus on formal analysis of specific literary genres other than film such as drama, fiction, or poetry (9 credits);

  7. Two (2) courses that focus on sociocultural issues such as International Literature, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, or Class Issues (6 credits);

  8. One (1) course that focuses on language study such as ENGL 384/LNGN 384: Grammars of English, LNGN 220: Structure of American English, or ENGL 284/LNGN 284: The English Language (3 credits)

    A course equivalent to ENGL 305: Young Adult Literature is recommended but not required.

    For full lists of eligible courses, please see the requirements for the MAT in English listed in the catalog

For information on non-English content requirements or the admissions process, contact Susan Hagen