Applying for a DS-2019 and the J-1 Visa

Students who plan to attend Montclair State University on a J-1 visa must provide the necessary financial documentation as soon as possible so we can issue the appropriate immigration forms for them. Please email all documents (see required documents below) to with a subject line of “DS-2019 Application Materials.”

Important Documents:
Application for DS-2019 and Affidavit of Financial Resources


Required Documents

You must complete and submit the ENTIRE DS-2019 Application/Affidavit of Financial Resources. We cannot issue any official documents until we have received the entire signed application and affidavit. The affidavit must be signed and dated by the sponsor.

  • DO NOT HANDWRITE – Only the signatures can be handwritten (note: an electronic signature can be used in lieu of a “wet” signature). All other fields must be typed. 
  • Email all of the following documents to 
    • Passport: Send a copy of the face-page of your passport. 
    • Visa: If you already have a valid visa (J-1 or otherwise) please send a copy of it with your passport.
    • DS-2019 Application/Affidavit of Financial Resources: Download the fillable application form.
    • Financial Documents: See sources of funding instructions below.

Please email all documents (see required documents below) to with a subject line of “DS-2019 Application Materials.”

Step by Step: How to Complete the Application for DS-2019

The entire application must be completed, signed, and submitted in order for Montclair State University to issue a DS-2019.

  • Page 1 – Montclair State University DS-2019 Application
    • Complete the personal information and enrollment sections.
    • Student is to sign and date at the bottom of the page.
  • Page 2 – Affidavit of Financial Resources for Issuance of DS-2019
    • Please see Montclair State University’s Study Abroad page for estimated expenses (does not include Disney College Program)
    • The amount that your sponsor(s) is promising, must equal or exceed your total cost.
    • Each sponsor must complete this form and must provide proof of available funds for the amount they will sponsor you for per year.
    • See below for acceptable funding documents.

Please email all documents (see required documents below) to with a subject line of “DS-2019 Application Materials.”

Sources of Funding

Any combination of funds is acceptable as long as you demonstrate that you can cover the full cost of your stay (does not include Disney College Program- Disney students please refer to your email for program cost).

Support Documentation Guidelines

  • Must be dated within the last three months 
  • Must have the name of account owner clearly listed 
  • Must be in English (or translated into English)
  • Must state the account type (i.e. savings, checking, etc.)
  • Must state the type of currency

Unacceptable Documents 

      • We do not accept investments, real estate, insurance policies, or pension funds 
      • Income tax forms, pay stubs, W2 forms
      • Letters/solvency certificates saying ‘enough’ or ‘sufficient’ funds are available, or that ‘the holder is capable of supporting the student’
Receiving the DS-2019

NOTE: Students applying for a J visa must have the original signed DS-2019 form. In order to receive your original DS-2019, you must create a label on the e-ship Global website (Note: NEW J-1 students will not be charged for the shipment). This is the only way to ensure your document is being delivered to the address of your choice. Once you have created your eShip Global student account, please log in and complete the following steps:

  1. Click “Receive Packages from University”
  2. Type “Montclair State University” in the search bar
  3. Select “New Students” and click “Continue”
  4. Complete the form with your mailing address. For “Student ID” enter your 8-digit CWID number (found on your admissions letter), for “Type of Document” select I-20 or DS-2019, and click “Continue”
  5. Check your shipment details, select the carrier, and click “Continue” to submit your order and advance to the summary page.
Next Steps
  • Upon submission of all required documents, please allow 5-10 business days for your DS-2019 to be processed. Once available, you will receive an email with further instructions.
  • Request shipment of the original document.
  • Get some helpful tips about the student visa appointment.
  • Any questions? Email