Visiting Scholar Categories

Montclair State University welcomes international visiting scholars to our campus. Hosting international scholars is a major component of the Office of Global Engagement’s activities, and crucial to the globalization of our campus. The Office of Global Engagement provides support for visiting scholars, including the issuing of official invitation letters, preparation of documents necessary for the visa process, cultural activities, forums and faculty interaction. Visiting international scholars are a valuable resource in providing an international perspective for students, faculty members and the campus community and for progressing faculty research objectives.

Categories of Visiting Scholars


The professor category is for a foreign national who enters the United States for the primary purpose of teaching, lecturing, observing or consulting. A professor may also conduct research if approved by the university. International visiting scholars on a J-1 visa are not eligible for tenure.

Research scholar

This category is for a foreign national who enters the United States for the primary purpose of conducting research, observing or consulting in connection with research projects at research institutions, corporate research facilities, museums, libraries, post-secondary accredited academic institutions or similar types of institutions. A research scholar may also teach or lecture at the host institution if approved by the Office of Global Engagement in accordance with any visa restrictions. The research scholar or professor’s appointment to a position shall be temporary, even if the position itself is permanent. Incidental lectures or short-term consultations off campus are permitted with the approval of the Office of Global Engagement so long as they are directly related to the objectives of the participant’s program and do not delay the exchange program’s completion date.

Short-term scholar

This category must be a professor or research scholar or someone with similar education and or experience. Participants collaborate on special research projects, teach a semester at a college or university, or lecture, consult or observe in a variety of settings in education and research in the United States. The maximum duration of stay is six months. No program extension will be considered and no change of category will be considered.

Research scholar vs. Short-term scholar

If the Exchange Visitor (EV) enters the US with a DS-2019 in the Research Scholar category, s/he will be entitled to conduct research/teach for up to 5 years. However, once the EV’s program ends our office must complete the EV’s SEVIS record. This means that s/he would be unable to reenter the US as J Research Scholar or Professor for two years. The EV could, however, enter as a tourist, etc.

If OGE issues a DS-2019 in the Short Term Scholar category, while the EV will only be allowed to stay in the US for 6 months, s/he will not have the 24 month bar on returning as a Research Scholar or Professor.