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Library Adds Testing and Education Reference Center

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Sprague Library has recently acquired a new online resource (from the Gale Virtual Library). The Testing & Education Reference Center can be used for researching and selecting college and graduate schools, finding tuition assistance, exploring careers, and more! You’ll need to log in with your MSU NetID, then create your own account in the center in order to access all their tools, including:

Practice Tests for Different Fields

If you’re planning on taking the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or any other standardized test in your field, the Reference Center is the way to go. You can look for your specific test on the TERC Site Map, or look for them via their categories of College Prep, Careers, or Grad School via the tabs on the top right. The TERC also offers study tools and practice tests for: U.S. Citizenship, Civil Service and Foreign Service Tests, Praxis Exam prep for teachers, Military Tests, Advanced Placement Tests, TOEFL, CLEP, Law Enforcement and Firefighter Exams and much more! There are even free e-books that offer in-depth help for tests.

Scholarship Search

To find the Scholarship Search best for you, look under either the College Prep or Grad School tabs. You’ll be prompted to complete a brief but detailed form that will narrow down the search results of scholarships in the TERC database to find ones that could be right for you! Create a customized “My Scholarships” list to keep track of applications and deadlines.

Resume Builder

The Resume Builder is located under the Career Tab > Resume Writing. It will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a great resume! Select your preferred resume format and input your personal details to have the draft of a resume created automatically. Then use the “Action Verbs” and “Suggested Phrases” tabs if you’re not sure what to write when detailing your qualifications and experience.

Virtual Career Library

With the Virtual Career Library, individual modules will help guide you through the career-seeking process, from searching for jobs to preparing resumes and cover letters to negotiating job conditions. Get tips, advice, and instructions on how to change jobs, negotiate salaries, target your resume towards your desired career, write cover letters, and prepare for interviews, all in one place.

Get Access

To access the Testing & Education Reference Center, start from the Library Database list and either look under the “Education” subject or search for “TERC”.