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Discover MSU Scholarship in Digital Commons

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If you’ve ever wondered what a graduate thesis looks like, or what happens to all the research done at Montclair State, look no further than the Montclair State University Digital Commons! The Digital Commons is a repository that provides unlimited free access to the scholarly, creative, and cultural works of Montclair State University. We collect and preserve scholarly and creative works, research data, and other materials produced by our faculty, staff and students.

You can use the Digital Commons to look up all sorts of research done at MSU, including articles and book chapters done by your professors. The Commons also stores theses and dissertations done by graduate students, so if you’re thinking about grad school, you can see what kind of work has been produced by previous students.

Finally, if you produce a poster or presentation for a senior research seminar or the student research symposium, you can also deposit a copy into the Digital Commons, as long as you have a faculty advisor signature. Your work can become a permanent part of MSU’s collection!