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UpToDate provides Evidence-Based Clinical Information for Health Professionals

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UpToDate Databse

The Library is pleased to announce that it has added UpToDate (Wolters Kluwer) to its collection of online resources. UpToDate is a “clinical decision support resource with evidence-based clinical information – including drug topics and recommendations that clinicians use at the point of care. UpToDate covers 25 specialties, including internal medicine, psychiatry, infectious disease, and cardiovascular medicine”.

UptoDate can be accessed on the database page ( or directly using the following url:^u&srcsys=EZPX542547

Once you are authenticated (using your netid and password), you will be prompted to register for an UpToDate account. Create an account (along with username and password) so you can login in the future.

If you have any questions regarding UpToDate, please contact Steve Shapiro at the following email: