IRB Sample Applications

The following applications are meant to assist new researchers in completing their IRB applications. PI permission has been obtained and PIs had the option of retaining their names on the application or removing identifying information.

These sample applications are meant for training MSU researchers in completing an MSU IRB application. For any other use please contact the IRB office for permission. 

NOTE: Use of the content in these examples does not automatically confirm that your application will be approved. Each study and protocol is different and reviewed on a case-by-case basis under the guidances provided in the IRB P&P Manual.

Example 1: Interview/Focus Group: Sample Cayuse IRB Application

Example 2: Online/Survery: Sample Cayuse IRB application

Example 3: School-Based research: Sample Cayuse IRB Application

Example 4: Benign Behavioral Intervention: Sample Cayuse IRB Application