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New Study Published by Joshua Sandry and Students in Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

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Collage of Dr. Sandry and Students

Dr. Sandry and students from his lab have published a new study in Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, April 2018. The study is titled “Poor Encoding and Weak Early Consolidation Underlie Memory Acquisition Deficits in Multiple Sclerosis: Retroactive Interference, Processing Speed, or Working Memory?”

Dr. Sandry is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and the Principal Investigator of the Cognition and Neurocognitive Disorders Research Lab. Research in the lab involves understanding how attention and memory interact to create new long-term memory representations in healthy and clinical populations. The students involved in the study are: Mark Zuppichini, Jessica Rothberg, and Zerbrina Valdespino-Hayden. Zuppichini graduated with an MA in General Psychology and is now a PhD student at the University of Texas – Dallas. Rothberg is a graduate student in the General Psychology MA program, and Valdespino-Hayden is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program.