Program Culture

Succeeding Together

Much of your time in graduate school is spent in class, at your internship site, reading, studying, and conducting research. However, we are also in the business of people. If your’re not out connecting with others, you are doing it wrong. An active social and professional life is a key ingredient for student success and our program offers many opportunities for interactions with each other, successful alumni, and local professionals.

Annual SIOP Meet Up

The Montclair program hosts an annual reception for alumni, students, faculty, and friends at the SIOP conference. Within the past few years, this event has grown to represent over ten generations of MSU alumni. Student travel is partially funded with around 80% of all cohorts attending each year.

METRO and ICON Meetings

Faculty serve on executive boards for regional I/O professional groups, including the New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology (METRO) and the International Personnel Assessment Council’s Chapter of Northeasterners (ICON). These groups host renowned speakers, career days, and networking events for consultants, students, and academics.

Social Outings

Sometimes you just need to unwind. Our program promotes a strong sense of cohesion, support, and giving across multiple student cohorts. Students have taken this to the next level by coordinating several annual traditions, including a kick-off baseball game in the Fall, trip to Just Jakes at the beginning of the new year, and an end of year graduation celebration party with cake and games!

Eagle I.O Consultancy Group

Eagle I.O is a student led consultancy group providing evidence-based services to improve organizational effectiveness. To ease the transition to graduate school, Eagle I.O coordinates a student-run mentorship program to acquaint cohorts, share local opportunities, and offer an informal environment where mentees can have fun, chat about life, and explore career possibilities. Eagle I.O has developed a mentorship manual which provides the responsibilities, benefits, pairing process, and a timeline of socialization events. Feel free to contact our current Eagle IO leaders for questions about the program, the field, or just to say hi.

Current Eagle IO Leaders