Family and Child Studies Living Learning

Why should I apply?

Families Children & School Settings, Child Life Specialist, and Family Services

The Family and Child Studies Living Learning Community will reside in a residence hall where classroom and programming space is available.  Students pursuing a major in FCST in this community can expect an environment that focuses on exploring the different concentrations and careers associated with Family and Child Studies.

Students will have opportunities to:

  • Actively participate in programs that promote academic achievement that involves tutoring and study skills workshops session with faculty and staff within CEHS/FCST
  • Engage in community programs while living with their peers with similar academic interest and ambitions
  • Take courses together in both Fall and Spring semesters


ENWR 105 College Writing I
FCST 141 Interpersonal Relations
FCST 200 Introduction to Family Studies
GNED 199 New Student Seminar
CMST 101 Speech Communications


Enroll in 9-12 credits as a living-learning community.

Students living together in the community will:

  • Begin to explore  their skills and abilities in regards to choosing a career within their major
  • Build traditions of the Family and Child Studies Living Learning Community that can include but are not limited community service, professional panel discussion, alumni mixers, and other workshops
  • Have opportunities  to develop the necessary skills in Family and Child Studies through involvement in academic department student organizations, University student organizations, and activities within and beyond the Living Learning Community
  • Develop networks and relationships with faculty, staff, upper-class peers, and alumni within Family and Child Studies professions

Where will I live?

Blanton Hall

How do I get more information?

For more information about living in the Family and Child Studies Living Learning Community, please contact Chris Cottle at or the Office of Residential Education and Services