The hawk statue outside of College Hall during a clear, sunny day.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Office of Residence Life, in collaboration with other key University resources, is committed to providing a quality residential experience through our facilities, administration, counseling, dining services, and developmental programs that are engaging and beneficial to our residents’ academic success, safety, and personal growth.

Our Educational Priority

Our educational priority in the Office of Residence Life is to engage students through their holistic development as they transition from Montclair State University community members to global citizens. Students will be able to think critically and develop innovative solutions to complex issues, develop an understanding of social justice, learn about a more comprehensive approach to wellness, and learn how to become advocates and allies for themselves and others.

Our Values

Transformative Experience

We are committed to creating experiences that transform a student’s knowledge of self and prepares them to successfully engage in activities that benefit and contribute to society; to pursue and excel in career paths that are aligned with their personal goals; develop career expertise and the capacity for life-long learning; to establish lifelong connections with their peers; the community and university.


We are committed to creating and sustaining an inclusive environment where all members have the opportunity to thrive and which embraces and celebrates the diversity of all of its students and employees, provides economic affordability and full equitable access to all the resources of the University.


We are committed to creating an environment that drives innovation, increases knowledge and provides solutions for the social, economic, educational and health care challenges of the culturally diverse communities of New Jersey and beyond.