The hawk statue outside of College Hall during a clear, sunny day.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Office of Residence Life, in collaboration with other key University resources, is committed to providing a quality residential experience through our facilities, administration, counseling, dining services, and developmental programs that are engaging and beneficial to our residents’ academic success, safety and personal growth.

Our Values

The RES Hawk Experience is a curricular approach to living on campus at Montclair State University. The development of this residential curriculum is founded in theory and supports the goals, missions, and values of Montclair State University. At the core, it is designed to intentionally support student learning and utilize staff as not only a resource for students, but also educators as well.

Our educational priority in the Office of Residence Life is to engage students through their holistic development as they transition from Montclair State University community members to global citizens through quality service, resources and experiences. With that in mind, The RES Hawk Experience focuses on five values, or learning goals, which best support this educational priority.

The Office of Residence Life Values


We are committed to the personal and professional development of our students. Students will grow and develop through the five essential elements of well-being: Community, Social, Physical, Financial and Career. (Rath and Harter, 2010)


We are committed to fostering an environment where students can develop their whole selves. Additionally, through exploring and owning their own identities, students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the identities of others and how they intersect with their own.

Inclusive Communities

We are committed to creating and promoting caring communities based on respect for self, others, and environment. Students will have opportunities to broaden their perspectives, challenge pre-conceived notions and take responsibility for their actions and behaviors while maintaining an atmosphere of civility and safety.

Take Action

We are committed to providing students with opportunities to explore the skills and characteristics needed to become agents of change. Students will take initiative to navigate challenges, address conflict and achieve personal and community goals.

Global Context

We are committed to fostering an environment for civic engagement where students will participate in community development and service. We promote awareness of local, national and global concerns and engage students in opportunities to actively address them.