Opening and Closing Procedures

Opening Procedures

Primary Move-in Dates for Fall 2023
  • New Student Move-In Dates: Monday, August 21 – Wednesday, August 23
  • Returning Student Move-In Dates: Thursday, August 24 – Friday, August 25

Check in will occur between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on the dates listed above.

You will be assigned a specific date and time to move in. We anticipate sending out move-in information, including your specific move-in date & time, by Friday, August 4.

Please start thinking about what to bring and what not to bring as you prepare for move in.

Student Leaders & Athletes

Students required to arrive on campus before their assigned move-in day due to student leadership training or athletic involvement will have an early arrival date. This will be coordinated and communicated to you from housing and the group you are working with.

Move-in Date and Time

You will be assigned a specific date and time to move in. We anticipate sending out move-in information, including your specific move-in date & time, by Friday, August 4.

  • For New Students: We are creating a schedule based on each Orientation Program from Monday, August 21 to Wednesday, August 23 and each student will have an assigned move-in date & timeframe. Please note in order to receive a move-in time, you should have signed up for Orientation. Students will be allowed to move in one day prior to their orientation.
  • For Returning Students: We are creating a schedule based on each building from Thursday, August 24 to Friday, August 25 and each student will have an assigned move-in date & timeframe.
The Hawk Pass

In addition to your check-in confirmation email, all students will receive a “Hawk Pass” via their Montclair Email address. The Hawk Pass lets the University staff know the student has completed the below bullet points and is approved to move in. Hawk Passes will be sent to students via their Montclair email account the week before move in begins. Here is what you need to have to obtain your Hawk Pass:

  1. Your fall bill must be paid in full, either by directly paying your bill, enrolling in a payment plan on NEST or having enough Financial Aid to cover your bill.
  2. Your Emergency Contact Information has been submitted in NEST.
  3. All housing agreements must be completed in the Residential Management System (RMS). If you have not yet done so, please follow the below directions:
    • Log into RMS using your NetID and associated password.
    • Click “Next Step” after Current Montclair State University student.
    • Scroll down and click “Next Step” after Housing Confirmation.
    • Read all the information listed and complete the requirements. You must hit “Finish” for the form to record your information!
  4. Your immunization records are submitted.

If a student does not complete any of the above bullet points, they will not be permitted to check-in to their space. Hawk Passes will be sent to students via their Montclair Email account the week before move in begins. We will continuously send Hawk Passes up until move-in to students who complete any of the above after indicated deadline dates. As a good practice, students should aim to have the above completed by the second week of August.

Additional Move-In Day Information

On your move-in date and time, University Police will be stationed at all entrance points of the University to provide directions to your building and to check for your Check-In Confirmation email and Hawk Pass.

For planning purposes, if you are checking into:

  • Freeman Hall or Russ Hall: Enter the campus from Normal Ave and turn onto College Ave.
  • Bohn Hall, Blanton Hall or Stone Hall: Enter the campus from Normal Ave and turn onto Carlisle Rd.
  • Dinallo Heights or Machuga Heights: Enter the campus from Valley Road to Yogi Berra Drive.
  • Sinatra Hall: Enter The Village at Little Falls on Clove Road.
  • Hawk Crossings: Enter the Hawk Crossings complex on Clove Road.
  • The Village: Enter The Village complex on Clove Road.

Once you reach your building, you will be eligible to unload your vehicle(s). You will have approximately 10 minutes to unload your vehicle. You must stay with your vehicle at all times. Someone must completely unload your vehicle and then move to a designated parking zone before moving into your residence hall.

For safety purposes, students are permitted to have two (2) guests assist with the move-in process in their space. Guests should complete Hawk Check prior to coming to campus.


Closing Procedures

Check-out Dates and Deadlines

All residents must check out of their rooms 24 hours after your last final!

  • No exemptions will be made to this deadline so it is critical that you start planning in advance in order to meet the check-out deadline.
  • Failure to meet the check-out deadline will result in $100.00 improper check out fees applied to your student account.
  • Approved summer and Senior Week residents will receive further instructions for their check out time in the beginning of May.
Check-out Reminders
  • If you do not have a car and/or will need someone to assist you in moving out, inform your ride and/or help of the check-out deadline as soon as possible! Check-out is not on a weekend, therefore your ride and/or help might need advance notice to adjust plans to assist you.
  • Plan accordingly! If you have a lot of belongings, make a plan to remove them in a way that you complete your move out on time! Moving bins to use will be extremely limited during check out. It is important that you plan accordingly.
  • Start packing belongings you don’t use anymore early! Do not wait until the last minute to start packing.
  • Remove all decorations, command products, stickers/decals, dry erase boards, mirrors, etc. from walls and surfaces. No items placed by residents should be left intact on any surface!
    • In the Heights Only: Do NOT remove any 3M command strips. Facilities staff will remove them.
  • Remove all personal items from the room, bathroom, common areas, etc. Rooms must be left in the same condition as when you moved in. All trash and unwanted items must be disposed of in the trash room.
    • In the Heights Only: Dumpsters will be placed outside of The Heights for closing. All students are encouraged to dispose of large items in the dumpster.
  • Room, common areas and bathrooms must be swept and mopped.
  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Pull all blinds down.
  • HVAC unit turned to AC, auto, 70-72 degrees (if applicable).
  • Leave all desk and dresser drawers open. This will help your ensure you did not forget to empty a drawer.
  • If you rented a MicroFridge unit, empty the unit of food/drink. Leave the unit unplugged and cleaned in the room for scheduled pick up.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Close and lock the room, suite and/or apartment door upon leaving.
  • Check your mailbox prior to leaving to retrieve mail. You can forward your mail by through USPS. All mail not picked up prior to move out and delivered after move out will be returned to the sender. Amazon Lockers will no longer be accessible.
  • All residents MUST complete an Express Check Out envelope to officially sign out with the Front Desk/Office. Return all keys assigned to you in the Express Check Out Envelope.
  • Failure to complete an Express Check Out envelope can result in an improper check-out fee.
  • Keys must be returned inside an Express Check Out envelope by the check-out deadline. Keys will not be accepted late or by any other method. Failure to return keys correctly and/or on time will result in key replacement fees.