Language Immersion Community

Why should I apply?

The Language Immersion Community offers you the exciting opportunity of living in a residence hall on campus while experiencing the richness of the French, Italian, Spanish and German language and their respective cultures.  Those of you who select this community will eat, breathe, and experience residence life at Montclair State University in one of these four languages.  You will have the opportunity to converse with others in French, Italian, Spanish or German, to develop fluency and vocabulary, and to participate in cultural and social activities related to the language that you have selected.  Residence life is always an adventure, but living it  "en français," "in italiano," "en español" or “auf Deutsch” adds another dimension to this experience.

1. To help students appreciate the differences among cultures.

2. To expose students to a variety of languages through films and conversational partners.

3. To educate students about study abroad opportunities.

4. To create as strong sense of community among the floor member.

5. To increase the exposure of Montclair State culture opportunities available to students.

If you would like to apply to this learning community, please fill out the application form.

Where will I live?

The Heights

How do I get more information?

For more information about the LIC, please contact the Office of Residential Education & Services

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