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A New Science Teacher Comes Full Circle

Finding support with mentors who believed in her, a graduate of the Noyce Science Teacher Program now inspires her students to believe in themselves

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Andreia Resende '22, Alex Diaz ’12 MAT, Professor Douglas Larkin and Biology Professor Sandra Adams
In realizing her dream to become a teacher of science, Andreia Resende ’22, left, credits her mentors, Alex Diaz ’12 MAT, Teaching and Learning Professor Douglas Larkin and Biology Professor Sandra Adams.

Transferring to Montclair, Andreia Resende was accepted into the Robert Noyce Science Teacher Program, where support from Teaching and Learning Professor Douglas Larkin and Biology Professor Sandra Adams helped her persevere while working full time as a registered dental assistant.

It’s not easy doing both and they have always been ready to help with anything I needed including tutoring, academic advice and finding new avenues of financial support.

Andreia Resende ’22

She won the prestigious Land Conservancy of NJ scholarship for an essay she wrote about the environmental destruction she witnessed as a child in Brazil, as well as the Richard A. Bard Endowed Scholarship, the AFT Local 1904 Scholarship, and the Marie Kuhnen Scholarship.

Professional support continues into the teachers’ early years from the Montclair Center of Pedagogy’s induction program and Noyce connections are particularly strong.

Kathryn Beatty ’17, a Noyce alumna and environmental science teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson served as Resende’s cooperating teacher during her teaching internship. “Andreia is the perfect type of teacher and perfect type of person to be a teacher because she understands the kids, because she’s from the area. I tell her, ‘you are the type of person that these kids need in the school.’”

I want to be able to encourage, to plant the seed where my students can believe in themselves and know that if they work hard enough that they can make it.

Resende reflects as she begins her teaching career

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