HCC AmeriCorps Program

After successfully completing a three-year grant cycle of the New Jersey Covid Service Corps, the Healthy Communities Corps AmeriCorps program followed in its footsteps and aims to provide vital services to underserved communities. With a focus on public health and education, the program’s goals are centered around increasing capacity at local organizations that provide the community with these services. The HCC works on initiatives that aid in food security, mental health, LGBTQ topics, sustainability, tutoring and mentoring, among many other social services.

Members of the HCC can complete their service terms through a wide range of on campus and off campus partner organizations that uphold the AmeriCorps mission. For their service, they receive a living allowance stipend and an education award that is dependent on their time commitment to the program.

The HCC program works on a rolling admission basis and accepts applications all year round. Members in the program can look forward to networking events, trainings, conferences and monthly meetings that provide comprehensive and valuable opportunities in many different fields. HCC members develop not only as students, but also as professionals with a clear and deep understanding of community issues and social justice.

Daniela Chong
Healthy Communities Corps Program Director
Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships
Email: chicad@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-7895

For more information visit the AmeriCorps website, and our Instagram page at montclair_healthycommuncorps.