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Meal Plan Information

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Residential Meal Plan

Students living in traditional residence halls (Blanton, Bohn, Dinallo, Freeman, Machuga, Russ, Sinatra, Stone) are required to maintain a Residential Meal Plan

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Commuter Dining Deposit

Undergraduate commuters registered for 12 or more credit hours and taking at least one class on campus will participate in the Commuter Dining Deposit.

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Other Student Meal Plans

Part-time and graduate students have the option to enroll in meal plans, too!

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Faculty & Staff Meal Plans

We also offer optional meal plans for part time faculty/staff.

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How Do Meal Plans Work?

Meal plan, Flex and Red Hawk Dollars values are loaded, accessed and tracked using the student’s University ID Card.

Access each meal/block in your plan by swiping your ID card at the dining venue of your choice upon entry to residential dining halls, or at the cashier stand for our retail venues or
by selecting the meal plan payment tender via the Grubhub mobile app (and logging in for Montclair State University).

A maximum of one swipe per meal period is allowed. The six daily meal periods are defined as:

  • Breakfast
  • Mid-Morning
  • Lunch
  • Mid-Afternoon
  • Dinner
  • Late Night

Locations for Meal Swipes and Block Equivalencies

There are two residential all-you-care-to-eat (AYCTE) dining halls on campus, Sam’s Place and Freeman Hall Dining. The campus also features many retail dining establishments which allow for meal plan blocks (equivalency swipes) as payment for your food purchases. The Your Choice Unlimited + 7 weekly meal blocks plan allows for unlimited AYCTE dining hall meals (through the entire semester), as well as seven meal swipes per week at retail dining venues.

All other block meal plans allow each meal/block in the plan to be used at either retail or AYCTE dining halls, as the meal plan holder desires. Your starting number of meal blocks is reduced by the number of meal blocks you use at any dining hall or retail location, over the course of the day, week, semester. Each block is assigned a certain dollar value for use in the retail venues. Any cost above the block value can be paid with Flex Dollars, Red Hawk Dollars, cash or credit.

Additional Meal Plan Notes

  • Meal plan values are loaded and tracked on student ID cards; students access each meal/block equivalency in their plan by ordering via the Grubhub app for advance/mobile orders, or swiping their ID card at the door or register.
  • Students with meal plans in the fall semester are automatically assigned the same meal plan in the Spring Semester; students may initiate changes through the dining services office.
  • Flex dollars carry over automatically from the fall to spring semester for continuing students and automatically expire at the end of the spring semester.
  • Blocks and meal swipes do not carry over to the next semester.
  • Special dietary restrictions/requirements can be accommodated upon request.