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Meal Plan Enrollment and Changes

Meal plan enrollments, changes and cancellations will be granted after a student’s account has been reviewed to ensure that a plan they have chosen meets the following standards:

  • Type of student (On Campus or Commuter).
  • Amount of credits earned.
  • Housing location (Traditional Dorms or Campus Apartments).

Please Note: Meal plan cancellation refunds will be pro-rated based on time into the semester and plan usage, after a certain time period into the semester, based on the universities Add/Drop dates.

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Spring 2024

For students looking to enroll, change or cancel their meal plan for the spring 2024 semester or if you are looking to add Flex Dollars in the amount of $300.00 only (billed to your student account) please click on the button below.

Changes to your meal plan will not take effect immediately. As long as you have filled out the form, there is nothing else you need to do. Please ONLY make another submission if you are looking to make a change to your original submission.

If you are looking to purchase an additional small meal plan, or Flex dollars in increments of $50.00 (up to $300.00) with a credit card, please click the “Sign up and Pay by Credit Card” button.

Enroll, Change or Cancel your meal plan for Spring 2024Sign up and Pay by Credit Card

Winter Break

For all students who stayed on campus during one or both the winter break sessions listed below, a meal plan was required based on your stay.

If you canceled your housing prior to the break (December 16, 2023) or did not check in, please email us at to discuss.

Meal Plan Rate Description
Winter Break Session 1 Meal Plan (December 16 – January 1) $395 Meal plan offering brunch/lunch through dinner daily; one campus venue will be open.
Winter Break Session 2 Meal Plan (January 2-13) $275 Meal plan offering brunch/lunch through dinner daily; one campus venue will be open.