Rocky the Red Hawk logging into AIM


The Accessible Information Management or AIM is an online portal for Montclair State University students to submit an application and supporting documentation needed to register for accommodations and services through the DRC. DRC registered students use AIM to generate the Accommodation Notice each semester and schedule exams in the DRC Testing Center.

DRC Faculty Login

AIM is a secure and confidential site where faculty and staff, who are course instructors, can log-in using their NETID and password to access services such as viewing student accommodation forms, completing Alternative Testing Agreements for exam arrangements and more! Faculty Login.

DRC Students Login (Previously registered with the DRC)

DRC registered students use AIM to generate the Accommodation Notice each semester and schedule exam requests for the DRC Testing Center (Cole Hall, Room 332). Student Login.

New DRC Students (NOT already registered with the DRC)

Please complete an Application and upload documentation in AIM. Please see Documentation Guidelines to determine acceptable documentation. The application must be completed by the student requesting services from the DRC. After completing the application and uploading documentation, the DRC Director will review and assign a DRC Counselor who will contact you via email to schedule an intake appointment. Please allow up to 7-10 business days (Monday- Friday) for documentation review. Requests or documentation provided via email to the DRC are no longer accepted.

AIM Instructions and Tutorial

Below you will find resources to assist you navigate AIM. Feel free to schedule one-on-one training with one of the DRC staff or view the step-by step instructions. Please be aware the specific staff member facilitating the training will not necessarily be your DRC Counselor.

AIM Training Sessions (through the Add/drop deadline: Tuesday, September 14, 2021) Click on the links below to schedule your session:

Requesting Accommodations

Each semester you will need to log in to AIM to submit your accommodation requests. The following are instructions on how to request your accommodations:

1. Students will use their Net-ID username and password to log-in to AIM (

2. In the left panel, under “My Accommodations”, select “List Accommodations”.

3. In the area labeled “Step 1: Select Class(es)” select the checkbox for each class you would like to request accommodations.

4. Then click button labeled “Step 2: Continue to Customize your Accommodations”
Underneath each class in the area labeled “Select Accommodations”, select the checkboxes for each approved accommodation you would like to request for each class

5. Finally click the “Submit your Accommodation Request” button
Once this process has been completed your DRC counselor will review and approve. A letter stating your name and accommodations requested will be generated and emailed to your instructors.

If you have any questions regarding your accommodations through AIM or would like to discuss your accommodations, contact us at: or 973-655-5431.