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Student Procedure for Arranging Test Accommodations

This document is available for download in PDF format.

Student Procedure for Arranging Test Accommodations (PDF)

The Disability Resource Center will provide alternative exam arrangements for students whose disabilities necessitate this accommodation, and whose professors are unable to accommodate them due to restrictions of time and space. In order to take your test at DRC, you must follow these guidelines.

  • No later than three (3) working days before the exam date, you must notify DRC that you will be using their service. The proper notice assures the smooth delivery of accommodations by permitting DRC to use its resources wisely. Verbal notice over the telephone or in person works just fine. DRC encourages the scheduling of exams with ample advance notice – three days is just the minimum!
  • You must complete an Alternative Exam Request Form. After you fill in requested information, you must present the form to your instructor to complete and sign. It is your responsibility to get this form filled out and returned to our office at least three days before the date of the exam.
  • Make sure the instructor delivers the exam to DRC. Delivery can be made by the instructor, the student, fax or e-mail. Campus mail is not recommended, and DRC will not pick up exams.
  • On the date and time of the exam, you must come to the DRC office. All belongings (backpacks, books, purses, cell phones, etc.) must be left with DRC staff until you have completed your exam.
  • Tests will be proctored or periodically monitored. This is to ensure the integrity of the exam is upheld in accordance with the University’s Academic Dishonesty Policy.

The preceding procedure must be followed for each test you take at DRC. These guidelines must be adhered to in order for the DRC to effectively provide testing accommodations.