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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special admissions requirements for students with disabilities at Montclair State University?

No, all students with disabilities at Montclair State meet University eligibility requirements and, once admitted, are expected to meet all academic standards. Students with disabilities must follow all standard admissions procedures.

Should I disclose my disability needs before or after admission?

That is your choice. The University does not ask any disability-related questions of its applicants nor will it solicit documentation before admission. If you choose to disclose and/or document your disability as a way to explain academic inconsistencies, you must understand that while some consideration may be given for extenuating circumstances, academic standards will not be waived due to disability.

Once admitted, how do I access accommodations and services?

You must affiliate yourself with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) in order to be eligible for accommodations and academic support. To affiliate with the DRC, a student must:

  1. Complete and submit the DRC Registration Form (PDF).
  2. Submit comprehensive documentation in accordance with the documentation guidelines, which establishes the presence of one or more disabilities and supports the need for any requested accommodations.
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet with DRC professional staff to review submitted materials, establish eligibility, and conduct initial needs assessment to determine which accommodations you are eligible to receive.
  4. You must meet with your DRC Counselor at the beginning of EVERY semester to pick up ALERT forms which you distribute to faculty to inform them of your accommodation needs.
How do I know if my disability makes me eligible for accommodations and services?

All Montclair State students with physical, sensory, learning, psychological, neurological, and chronic medical disabilities which negatively impact access to academic and co-curricular programming are eligible for DRC Counseling. The extent to which accommodations and services can be offered depends upon the functional limitations described in your documentation.

Is there any additional cost for disability services?

No, you are entitled to full access to all University programs according to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act. Accomodations made to guarantee access are the financial responsibility of the University.

Will my transcript indicate my affiliation with DRC or my use of accommodations?

Your affiliation with the DRC is voluntary and confidential. We cannot release information about your disability without your written consent. There is no “flag” or indication of disability on your transcript or anywhere on your student records. Federal law mandates this confidentiality.

Is Montclair State University wheelchair accessible?

Most of the buildings at Montclair State University are wheelchair accessible. There are some buildings that predate the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that are not fully accessible. If you affiliate yourself with the DRC, we will check your classrooms for accessibility and move any inaccessible classes before the semester begins. We will also relocate any social or co-curricular activity upon request.

If I think I have a learning disability, will you test me?

No, the DRC does not conduct learning disability testing. However, if you are concerned about the possibility of a learning disability, we would be happy to talk to you, conduct a screening and refer you for testing, if appropriate. The cost of the testing is the responsibility of the student.

Does Montclair State University provide personal care to students with disabilities in the residence halls?

No, personal care assistance (PCA) is not provided by the University. It is the responsibility of the student to recruit, hire, and compensate personal care attendants. Counseling on how to manage your personal care is available in the DRC.