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Reduced Course Load Policy

This document is available for download in PDF format.

Reduced Course Load Policy (PDF)

Students whose disabilities may warrant the adjustment of carrying less than a full-time course load per semester may request a reduced course load as an accommodation.

Students should submit a request for a reduced course load to their assigned counselor in the office of Disability Resource Center at the time of registration. Students must provide appropriate documentation regarding their disability and its current impact. The counselor and the Director will review the request in terms of the impact of the disability and the demands of the student’s current or proposed course schedule.

If the request is denied, the student may appeal the decision through the grievance procedure. If the request is approved, the potential consequences of the reduced course load on progress toward graduation, financial aid, billing, etc. will be explained to the student by the assigned counselor. The counselor will indicate the approved reduced course load and explain that this credit load will be considered as the student’s minimum credit load for full-time status for the semester in question and that he/she cannot drop below this without placing his/her full-time status in jeopardy. The student and the Director will sign the Reduced Course Load Approval Form. Copies will be sent to the Registrar, Financial Aid, Bursar, the student’s academic advisor, the Dean of Students, and Residence Life if applicable.

At the agreed-upon credit load, the student will be considered full-time and entitled to all of the services, benefits, rights, and privileges of full-time status.