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Course Substitution Policy

This document is available for download in PDF format.

Course Substitution Policy (PDF)

Recognizing that the nature and severity of a documented specific learning disability may preclude learning in certain areas even with reasonable accommodations, the University may permit the substitution of specific courses as an accommodation. Each case must be carefully considered on an individual basis before a decision can be made.

Procedure for Requesting a Course Substitution

The following procedure must be followed if a student with a documented disability is seeking modification of the University’s general education requirements.

  1. The petition process should begin as soon as there is strong objective evidence that the student will be unable to fulfill the requirement.
  2. The student must provide the Director of Disability Resource Center with current, relevant, and comprehensive documentation and assessment data from certified professionals. Detailed guidelines for documentation are available through DRC. This documentation must substantiate a severe disability and provide compelling evidence of its impact upon the student in the area of concern.
  3. A complete case history is required to document the student’s history of problems with learning in the area for which he/she is seeking the substitution.
  4. The student must sign a waiver of confidentiality to allow the DRC Director to share pertinent information with the appropriate faculty.
  5. A substitution will be considered in relation to the educational goals that the requirement seeks to fulfill. The substitution of a specific course cannot constitute a fundamental alteration in the nature of the degree requirements and the specific course cannot be required for professional certification.
  6. The decision will be made jointly by the DRC Director and the relevant chairperson.
  7. The substituted course(es) may not be used to satisfy any other General Education Requirement.