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Accounts Payable

Form Name


Employee Non-Travel Reimbursement Use this form for employee non-travel related reimbursements regardless of dollar amount.  This form is not to be used for student reimbursements or employee compensation.

Non-Employee Travel Expense Report

For use by non-employees of MSU for reimbursement of business-related travel expenses. Carefully read instructions on Page 2 of this form. Use original downloaded form; do not photocopy.  Submit W-9 with this form. Note: Use travel reimbursement form for students.
 Quick Invoice Template This form should be used when requesting a check payment for a supplier who has not provided an invoice, or when requesting employee reimbursement.
Tax Exempt Letter Tax exempt letter for the State of New Jersey
Travel Authorization Provides a clear and detailed purpose of the travel. Used to plan, authorize and encumber travel expenses. See Travel Regulations.
Travel Reimbursement For use by MSU employees and students. Itemization of travel expenses submitted along with required reciepts. See ‌.


Required by IRS to pay US vendors. One submission per vendor/individual is  necessary.

 Blank W-9 form For use by suppliers seeking to do business with MSU.
 Wire Transfer Form Used to wire funds only to vendors outside of the US.

Accounting Services

Form Name


Chartfield Request Form Use this form to set up a new account number, an object code, change an existing account description or a Dept Manager. Carefully read instructions before completing this form. Note: Must be submitted with new account requests and Dept Manager changes to ensure proper system access.
 Cash Receipt Transmittal Form Used at Student Account Office to deposit funds into proper revenue accounts.
 ‌ Used for Budget transfers.
PS Expense Transfer Request Used for transfers of previously posted expenditures to appropriate accounts, University service charge backs (i.e. security, conference center usage, etc.), copy card and Red Hawk dollar requests.