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Democracy 2021 Library Resources

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This spring, the Office of Faculty Advancement (OFA) is offering a series of events and resources to address the large scale challenges our nation is experiencing that question democracy. “This is What Democracy Looks Like?” examines the intersection of inequality and democracy and looks at how how it impacts our campus, community, and nation. The series will demonstrate how Montclair State University thinks about democracy and responds to challenges facing us all.

This project includes a variety of resources for our community to use for research, teaching and learning, and community engagement such as the Democracy 2021 Library Resources Guide compiled by Sprague Librarian, Denise O’Shea, Head of Access Services & Systems. This guide is a list of resources that you can consult with if you are interested in deepening your understanding and knowledge about issues related to the topic of democracy and the other themes included in the OFA program. The resources in this guide were curated from several sources. The books and videos included in the guide are available at Sprague Library. All electronic books, streaming media, electronic journals and research databases included in the guide are accessible to MSU students, faculty and staff on and off campus.

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