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Following the Thanksgiving holiday, the University will move to remote learning through Winter Session

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Please note, the University will shift to remote classes after the Thanksgiving holiday through Winter Session. During this time, World Languages and Cultures will continue to support our students virtually.

Listed below is the contact information for the Department. You will find the contact information for advisors and coordinators of each respective language area.

Dr. Lois Oppenheim
Department Chair

Dr. Kathleen Loysen
Deputy Chair and Undergraduate Advisor, French Program

Dr. Enza Antenos
Program Director, Language, Business & Culture BA
Advisor for Italian
Coordinator, Italian Teacher Education Program

Dr. Wing Shan Ho
Coordinator and Advisor, Asian Languages Programs

Dr. Jefferson Gatrall
Coordinator, Russian Program

Prof. Mazooz Sehwail
Coordinator, Arabic Program

Dr. Thomas Herold
Coordinator, German program

Dr. Pascale LaFountain
Advisor, German Program

Dr. Elizabeth Emery
Graduate Coordinator, French

Crystal Smith
Program Assistant