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Programs of Study

Why study World Languages and Cultures at Montclair State?

Knowing another language opens up a WORLD of job opportunities, a WORLD of travel opportunities, and offers real advantages in the MULTI-CULTURAL WORLD of the humanities, the arts, government, and the sciences. Knowing another language allows for a greater understanding of cultural diversity and allows for better communication skills and social interaction. Students interact with their peers in a language class more than in other classes and learn about others precisely because they consistently engage in “small talk” in the language to achieve mastery. Students find friends in language classes which serve as a better welcome/retention tool than any other.

We offer a diverse range of programs spanning nine languages. In addition to language study, students focus on the literature, cinema, music and other cultural aspects of the countries in which these languages are spoken. Students can major or minor, or even double major or minor, in our diverse areas of study.