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Faculty Experts

Family and Children

Jessica Bacon

Dr. Jessica Bacon

Inclusive education, disability studies, educational policy and students with disabilities, postsecondary inclusive programming for students with disabilities

Amanda Baden

Dr. Amanda Baden

Transracial and international adoption, counseling and therapy with the adoption triad, multicultural counseling competence

Susan Baglieri

Dr. Susan Baglieri

Disability studies and inclusive education

Photo of Jon Caspi

Dr. Jonathan Caspi

Sibling relationships, sibling aggression, family studies

Photo of Gerard Costa

Dr. Gerard Costa

Autism, early childhood mental health

Brad van Eeden-Moorefield

Dr. Brad van Eeden-Moorefield

Remarriage and stepfamilies, families headed by individuals who are LGBTQ+

Ashley Ermer

Dr. Ashley Ermer

Older adults’ social relationships and well-being, Forgiveness

Dr. Jeremy K. Fox

Child mental health, childhood anxiety and depression, parenting and childhood behavioral difficulties, cognitive-behavioral therapy

Lindal Khaw

Dr. Lyndal Khaw

Intimate partner violence, family violence, parenting

Dana Levitt

Dr. Dana Levitt

Ethics in education, accreditation, counselor education pedagogy

Edina Renfro-Michel

Dr. Edina Renfro-Michel

Attachment and clinical supervision, technology in counseling and clinical supervision, technology in pedagogy

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Dr. Angela Sheely-Moore

Play therapy

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