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Faculty Experts


Dr. Ariel Alvarez

Public policy, constitutional law, child welfare in New Jersey, human trafficking, legal exemptions for religious-based medical neglect of children

Jack Baldwin LeClair

Dr. Jack Baldwin-LeClair

Jurisprudence, governance, compliance and regulatory theory in employment/intellectual property areas, employment law, cyberlaw, arbitration and human rights under international law

Ian Drake

Dr. Ian Drake

American judiciary and legal system, the U.S. Supreme Court and constitutional history

Zsolt Nyiri

Dr. Zsolt Nyiri

Public opinion, European politics, Muslims in the West, transatlantic relations

Dr. Antoinette Pole

Dr. Antoinette Pole

Food and Politics (pandemic and food; alternative food networks; fish/seafood), Health and Technology, New Media and Politics (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs), New York State Politics, Teaching and Technology

Anthony Spanakos

Dr. Anthony Spanakos

Political theory and popular culture, Populism, foreign policies of developing countries

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