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Faculty Experts

Social Sciences

Kevin Askew

Dr. Kevin Askew

Intersection between psychology and technology, including personal computer use at work (“cyberloafing”)

Amanda Baden

Dr. Amanda Baden

Transracial and international adoption, counseling and therapy with the adoption triad, multicultural counseling competence

Headshot of Cortni Borgerson

Dr. Cortni Borgerson

Hunting of endangered species, incentives for illegal behavior, natural resource use and food security, primates, insect eating, human dimensions of conservation, culture and wildlife of Madagascar

Julian Brash

Dr. Julian Brash

Urban development and politics, economic development policy, The High Line Park (NY), architecture and design, public space, Michael Bloomberg’s tenure as Mayor of New York

Teresa Fiore

Dr. Teresa Fiore

Migration studies in a socio-cultural perspective focusing on immigration to Italy, Italian diaspora in the world

Dr. Jeremy K. Fox

Child mental health, childhood anxiety and depression, parenting and childhood behavioral difficulties, cognitive-behavioral therapy

Elspeth Martini

Dr. Elspeth Martini

19th Century American History, Native American History, 19th Century U.S.- Native American relations

Dr. Christopher Matthews

Dr. Christopher Matthews

Historical archaeology of capitalism and race in the United States, focusing on sites associated with slavery and freedom

Photo of Ruth Propper

Dr. Ruth E. Propper

Left-brain/right-brain differences (cerebral lateralization), sleep, memory, left- vs right-handedness, synesthesia, brain and cognition enhancement

Joshua Sandry

Dr. Joshua Sandry

Attention and memory in both healthy and clinical populations, including multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury

Valerie Sessa

Dr. Valerie Sessa

Continuous learning and development in individuals, teams, and organizations

Daniel Simonet

Dr. Daniel Simonet

Personality, dysfunctional leadership, and empowerment

Leslie Wilson

Dr. Leslie Wilson

Environmental racism in New York City, community development, American History, African American studies

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