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Faculty Experts

The Arts

Photo of Brian Abrams

Dr. Brian Abrams

Music psychotherapy, music therapy in cancer care

Livia Alexander

Dr. Livia Alexander

Arts management, art placemaking, economics of art, art policy, art curation

Image of Neil Baldwin, History department professor

Dr. Neil Baldwin

Arts, creativity, literary criticism

Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr

Animation, 3D animation and modeling, 3D motion and light

Dr. Karen D. Goodman

Music therapy in child and adult psychiatry, education and training in music therapy

Clay James II

Musical theater

Photo of Lorraine Katterhenry

Lorraine Katterhenry

Dance choreography, dance history

Dr. Abby Lillethun

Apparel design, fashion theory, culture and appearance, fashion/fashion illustration history

Christopher Parker

Dr. Christopher Parker

Creative Thinking, perception, creativity in older citizens, cultural entrepreneurship

marcus d. harvey

Diversity in the Arts

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