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Faculty Experts


Sandra Adams

Dr. Sandra Adams

Molecular virology, molecular biology, science education

Dr. Clement Alo

Climate change, and regional climate and ecosystem modeling

Photo of Paul Bologna

Dr. Paul Bologna

Jellyfish, biology, aquatics

Stefanie Brachfeld

Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld

Antarctic science, marine geology, environmental change, paleomagnetism

Jaclyn Catalano

Dr. Jaclyn Catalano

Solid State NMR, Lead soap formation in oil paintings, Cytochrome P450 and other enzymatic reactions

Dr. Youngna Choi


Mark Chopping

Dr. Mark Chopping

Satellite Remote Sensing and Earth Observation; Mapping vegetation canopies (dryland forest; rangeland; semi-arid and desert grassland; Arctic tundra); Wide-swath observing systems; Multi-angle imaging; BRDF modeling; Geographic Information Systems

Constantine Coutras

Dr. Constantine Coutras

Computer networking, computer science education, computer communication protocols, and computer/network security

Jon Cutler

Dr. Jonathan Cutler

Graph Theory and combinatorics

Yang Deng

Dr. Yang Deng

Innovative water treatment and reuse, urban water

Dr. Ann Marie DiLorenzo

Cell culture, in vitro studies of the effects of World Trade Center dust on human cells

Boxiang Dong

Dr. Boxiang Dong

Intrusion detection, financial risk analysis, verifiable computation, privacy-preserving data mining

Chunguang Du

Dr. Charles Du

Genomics, bioinformatics, transposable elements

Marc Favata

Dr. Marc Favata

Theoretical astrophysics, relativity, gravitational wave astronomy

Eric Forgoston

Dr. Eric Forgoston

Applied mathematics, mathematical biology, mathematical epidemiology, fluid mechanics

Photo of Joshua Galster

Dr. Joshua Galster

Rivers and watersheds

Jinshan Gao

Dr. Jinshan Gao

Mass spectrometry, glycomics, proteomics, gas-phase free radical

Steven Greenstein

Dr. Steven Greenstein

Mathematics education

Julian Keenan

Dr. Julian Keenan

Neuroimaging, self-awareness and theory of mind, deception and deception detection, evolutionary cognitive neuroscience

Scott Kight

Dr. Scott Kight

Animal reproductive behavior, evolutionary biology, college science teaching, STEM student affairs in Higher Education

Jennifer Krumins

Dr. Jennifer Krumins

Biodiversity, soil ecology, food web ecology

Pankaj Lal

Dr. Pankaj Lal

Climate change, environmental politics and policy, resource management and conservation, economic modeling

Christopher Leberknight

Dr. Christopher Leberknight

Digital Democracy (online censorship), Cyber Security, modeling/analysis of technological and social networks

Eli Lee

Dr. “Eli” II-Hyung Lee

Biophysical chemistry, fluorescence imaging, lipid membrane-protein interactions

Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba

Dr. Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba

Coastal dynamics, coastal geomorphology and morphodynamics

Robert Meredith

Dr. Robert Meredith

Evolution and paleontology

Mika Munakata

Dr. Mika Munakata

STEM education, professional development programs for STEM teachers

Robert O'Hagan

Dr. Robert O’Hagan

Genetics, sensory neurobiology, the cytoskeleton

Headshot of Duke Ophori

Dr. Duke Ophori

Hydrogeology, groundwater flow, contaminant transport

Nicole Panorkou

Dr. Nicole Panorkou

STEM education, K-8 mathematics education, student learning of geometry and algebra, use of technology and learning

Sandra Passchier

Dr. Sandra Passchier

Ocean drilling, polar science, glacial processes, sedimentary geology, continental margins

Photo of Greg Pope

Dr. Greg Pope

Physical geography, environmental geology

Stefan Robila

Dr. Stefan Robila

Computer security, high performance computing, scientific cyberinfrastructure, remote sensing, energy efficiency in data centers

David Rotella

Dr. David Rotella

Medicinal chemistry, pharmaceuticals, drug discovery

Bharath Samanthula

Dr. Bharath Samanthula

Information security, applied cryptography, developing privacy-aware distributed algorithms, cloud computing

Matthew Schuler

Dr. Matthew Schuler

Ecology, freshwater biology, limnology, physiological ecology

Dr. John Siekierka

Biochemistry, molecular biology of parasites

Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

Epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, racial/ethnic disparities in cancer outcomes

John Smallwood

Dr. John Smallwood

Birds of prey, falcon ecology and behavior

Robert Taylor

Dr. Robert Taylor

Sustainability, sustainability planning, environmental policy, urban environmental management

Meiyin Wu

Dr. Meiyin Wu

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), Lake and River Management, Drinking and Recreational Water Safety, Habitat Connectivity

Dr. Danlin Yu

Urban geography, spatial data analysis, geographic information systems, regional development and planning

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