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Faculty Experts


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Dr. Mika Munakata

Professor, Mathematical Sciences

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Dr. Clement Alo

Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Studies

Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba

Dr. Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba

Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Studies

Kelly Patterson

Dr. Kelly Patterson

Director, Vivarium

Constantine Coutras

Dr. Constantine Coutras

Chairperson, Computer Science

Stefan Robila

Dr. Stefan Robila

Professor, Computer Science

Jon Cutler

Dr. Jonathan Cutler

Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Bharath Samanthula

Dr. Bharath Samanthula

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Mitch Sitnick

Dr. Mitch Sitnick

Assistant Professor, Biology

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Dr. Christopher Leberknight

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Stefanie Brachfeld

Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research, College of Science and Mathematics

Chunguang Du

Dr. Charles Du

Professor, Biology

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