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Faculty Profiles

Faculty Mentors Discipline/Area Research Opportunities
Dr. Yoav Arieh Cognition & Perception Cognitive and perceptual processes with an emphasis on hearing processes, selective attention, multi-sensory integration and decision making
Dr. Saundra Collins
Dr. Julian Keenan Cognitive Neuroimaging Self-awareness and the brain; deception and deception detection; evolutionary cognitive neuroscience
Dr. Laura Lakusta Developmental Psychology Cognitive and language development with focus on the nature of pre-linguistic thought and how learning language may influence the way children think about the world
Dr. Sandra Lewis Clinical Psychologist Black students’ experiences with racial microaggressions
Dr. Ruth Propper Cognitive Psychology Lateralized cortical contributions to memory
Dr. Jennifer Pardo Cognitive Psychology Language and cognition; Production and perception of speech
Dr. Deborah Ragin Health Psychology Health psychology, with a focus on the socio-ecological model to explain health outcomes. Healthy communities; Health economics; Health disparities and health systems; Health policy