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Housing Cancellation Requests

The annual Residence License and Dining Services Agreement is a binding agreement and is in effect for the entire academic year or remaining portion thereof. Any student who terminates their housing is subject to the terms outlined in the Residence License and Dining Services Agreement and all other applicable college guidelines.

Please read the contract to understand its terms and review the cancellation process:

Students will only be released from their contract if they meet one of the following criteria as confirmed via NEST:

  • Withdrawal/Leave of Absence
  • Academic Dismissal
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Conduct (removal from housing)
  • Winter Graduation

Students may be considered for release from their contract upon the University’s review of a completed request with supporting documentation for the below reasons. Releases are not guaranteed.

  • Financial Constraints
  • Medical
  • Other

The above criteria are the only reasons a student may be released from their housing contract. If a student feels that their reasoning does not fall under one of these categories than they can submit a written statement with supporting documentation and classify it as other. Checking out of your room, commuting, or moving to an off-campus residents does not qualify as being released from the housing contract, and does not make you eligible for a housing or board refund. Please read below for specific information on each criterion for leaving housing.

Reasons for a Housing Cancellation Request

Withdrawals/Leave of Absence

A student who is taking a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal must do so by going through the Office of the Registrar.  Below are the steps that will occur when going through this process:

Step 1: Go to the Add/Drop and Withdrawal page on Red Hawk Central to review their Withdrawal/Leave of Absence procedures.

Step 2: The Office of the Registrar will notify the Office of Residence Life that a student has been approved for the withdrawal or leave of absence.  Once Housing receives this information, it will be communicated to the staff of the student’s building.

Step 3: Within 24 hours of when the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Residence Life have approved the request, the student must vacate their current housing assignment. To vacate a housing assignment, the student must:

  • Remove all belongings from his/her room and ensure the room is clean.
  • Report to the front desk staff to sign the Room Condition Report (RCR).
  • Return any keys (room, bathroom, front door, mailbox) to the front desk staff.  Students who do not return all keys will be subjected to an improper check out charge.

A student who withdraws from the college forfeits their current and future housing assignment.

Study Abroad

Students who are planning to study abroad will need to notify the Office of Residence Life of their plans for which semester they are traveling. The Office of Residence Life will cancel their housing assignment. If you are studying abroad for the Fall semester, the $300 non-refundable housing application fee will be applied to following spring semester ONLY.

Students returning to housing for the spring semester of that year will need to contact the Office of Residence Life in November with housing preferences and the student will be placed accordingly.

Academic Action

Students who are academically suspended or dismissed will be removed from their housing assignment for the upcoming academic semester or year. Students choosing to return to housing after returning to the University may request to live on campus by submitting an application through RMS.

Student Conduct

Students who have been temporarily or permanently removed from residence through the student conduct process will be removed from their housing assignment but will not be subjected to any housing or meal plan refunds.

Contract Release Instructions

Students with a significant financial or medical hardship that has occurred after they signed their annual housing contract may be eligible for a contract release, provided they meet certain criteria. Students who feel they have a reason to be released will need to complete the appropriate form below and submit it and all supporting documents to the Office of Residence Life in Bohn Hall on the 4th Floor.

Upon submission of a completed Request for Cancellation and all applicable documentation, the Office of Residence Life will review the student’s request and render a decision within ten (10) business days.

  • All documentation should be brought to the Office of Residence Life in Bohn Hall 4th floor. Please do not email any personal documentation.

Submission of a release request does not guarantee that the student will be released from their agreement.

Students who are approved for a contract release will be emailed confirming they have been released and any instructions on how and when to move out depending on the date of the release and the academic calendar. Students released from their spring housing are ineligible to stay for winter break and will need to vacate their space by the end of the fall semester.

If a student does not meet the criteria for an agreement release, they will be held financially responsible for all housing and dining charges for the entire academic year. Checking out of your room, commuting, or moving to an off-campus residence does not qualify as being released from the housing agreement, and does not make you eligible for a housing or board refund. All students must be approved to be released from their agreement by the Office of Residence Life.

Cancellation Request Form