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Field Education Office Events

Department of Social Work and Child Advocacy

MSW Field Education Calendar: 2023-2024 Academic Year 

Fall 2023 Semester
Friday, July 14 Field Placement Confirmation Form Due in Tevera
Tuesday, August 1 (4pm to 6pm) Field Education Orientation for Second Year & Advanced Standing MSW Students
Thursday, August 3 (12pm to 2pm) Field Education Orientation for Generalist Year MSW Students
Monday, August 7 (3pm to 5pm) Make-up Field Education Orientation for Generalist Year MSW Students
Tuesday, August 8 (12pm to 2pm) Make-up Field Education Orientation for Specialized Year & Advanced Standing MSW Students
Monday, August 28 Classes begin
Tuesday, August 29 Opening Day (No Classes)
Monday, September 4 Labor Day Holiday (No Classes)
Wednesday, September 6 Field Education Begins
Sunday, October 1 Learning Contract Due
Month of October Site Visits
Wednesday- Friday, November 22 -25 Thanksgiving Holiday (No Classes) *
Friday, December 15 Field Education Ends
Friday, December 15 Mid-Term Evaluation Due+
Sunday, December 17- Friday, December 22 Make-Up Week
Sunday, December 17, 2023 – Sunday, January 7, 2024 Field Education Winter Recess
Spring 2024 Semester
Monday, January 8 Field Education Resumes**
Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King Holiday (No Classes)
Tuesday, January 16 Classes Begin
Sunday, February 4 Learning Contract Due
Month of February Site Visits
Monday, March 11 – Friday, March 15 Spring Recess***
Friday, April 19 Field Education Ends
Friday, April 26 Final Field Evaluation Due in Tevera+


+Deadlines for evaluations to be completed and submitted by field instructors and task instructors.

*Students are excused from field on Federal Holidays listed above. Agency holidays will also be observed by students. Any modification of the field calendar schedule must be approved in advance by the field instructor and task instructor.

**Field Education resumes on January 8, 2024 after the Winter Recess. Classes resume on January 16, 2024.

***Students may be required to work during MSU’s Spring Recess per the agency’s discretion or observe the agency break in lieu of MSU’s Field Education Recess.

Field Placement Confirmation Form: Upon verbal confirmation that a student has been offered and accepted a field placement opportunity, the student must submit a Field Confirmation Form (signed by the agency and the student) to the Field Education Department. If a student is completing an employment-based field placement, there will be additional tasks to complete on the form. The submission of the signed form finalizes the field placement assignment for the student. Either form can be found in Tevera within the site placement process.

MSW Field Education Orientation: All students are required to attend a field orientation workshop prior to the start of the fall semester and before reporting to their assigned agencies. The orientation is mandatory for all MSW students entering field. Students must contact the Field Education Director in advance if they are unable to attend the mandatory field orientation due to a documented excused absence. In such instances, students will be assigned a make-up field orientation session. Students who miss both the mandatory field orientation and the make-up orientation will be deferred for field until the following academic year. Students may not begin their field placement until they have attended an orientation.

Field Hours: Students are responsible for ensuring that they have completed the required number of field education hours. First year, generalist students intern for 15 hours per week. A minimum of 210 hours per semester must accrued, totaling to a minimum of 420 hours at the end of the academic year. Second year/specialized practice and advanced standing students intern for 21 hours per week. A minimum of 300 hours per semester must accrued, totaling to a minimum of 600 hours at the end of the academic year. All students must remain in their field placement until the last day of field as indicated in the field calendar. If a student exceeds the required hours by the end of the academic year, no additional credit will be awarded for those hours. Field hours will be reported in Tevera. Students should have completed a minimum of 1,000 hours of field at the end of their two years of field placements. Advanced standing students should have accrued a minimum of 600 hours at the end of their field placement.

Federal Holidays & Religious Observances: If an agency is closed for a federal holiday, students should plan to make up those hours later in the semester, in consultation with the Field Instructor and/or Task Instructor. If a student is observing a religious holiday and is unable to attend their field placement on their scheduled day, students should notify their Field Instructor and Task Instructor in advance. Students should also plan to make up those hours later in consultation with the Field Instructor and/or Task Instructor.

Learning Contract: All students in field complete a Learning Contract with their Field Instructor and Task Instructor (if applicable) at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The Learning Contract allows the student, as well as the Field and/or Task Instructor, to plan collaboratively for the assignments and the learning to be accomplished during the year. The Learning Contract creates a roadmap of expectations for both the student and the agency. It should be specific and measurable, and be used as the basis for the end of semester evaluation. The Learning Contract incorporates the nine core social work competencies detailed by the CSWE. The learning contract is completed in Tevera by the student, field instructor, and task instructor, if applicable.

Site Visits: The Field Seminar Instructor will serve as a field liaison for the program and make at least two site visits during the academic year. One site visit will be conducted during the fall semester, and an additional site visit will be conducted during the spring semester. During the site visit, discussions will focus on student’s progress, the learning contract, application of theory and classroom material to practice, identification of problem areas and related topics. The student, Field Instructor, and Task Instructor are invited to the site visit.

Midterm and Final Evaluations: At the end of each semester, a field evaluation is completed for every student. The evaluation is initially completed by the Field Instructor, with input from the Task Instructor, if applicable, and Field Seminar Instructor. The evaluation is based on these required competencies, as well as the specific assignments detailed in the Learning Contract. Evaluations are completed in Tevera.

Please review the Field Education Manual for additional information.