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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the MSW program at Montclair State University unique?

Our program has a unique, cohort-based model, such that all students progress through the curriculum together and develop close relationships with peers and faculty. Each cohort consists of approximately 30 full-time students, who will receive individualized attention and mentoring from MSW faculty and field personnel. In addition, our program is uniquely focused on the needs and strengths of vulnerable children, youth and families.

Is the MSW program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)?

The MSW program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

What are the requirements to be admitted into the MSW program?

To be considered for admission, you will need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a recommended GPA of 3.0, two letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal statement. For more details about the application process please visit the Admission Requirements page.

Do I need to take the GRE for admission?

No, we do not require the GRE exam.

Can I be admitted to the program with a GPA lower than 3.0?

We recommend a minimum GPA of 3.0 for admission into the program. However, we consider each application holistically, and occasionally may admit students with a lower GPA, if they have a strong application overall.

When are the graduate courses offered?

The program accepts full-time  and part time students. We generally offer graduate courses during the fall and spring semesters, though some courses may be offered during the summer. Classes are offered in the day, late afternoon and evening. Generally, students spend two days in the classroom and additional two or three days in the field. Part time students do not take field in the first year. They start field in their second year.

How do I know what courses I should be taking toward my degree?

All program schedules are posted on our website according to time frames, 2 year, 3 year etc.

What can I do with a MSW degree?

There is a wide range of employment opportunities for MSW graduates. Specific settings include, but are not limited to, mental health clinics, schools, hospitals, child welfare agencies, community centers, state and local government, and private practice.