In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Sociology department will be open but working virtually. Our department will continue to be available remotely as the University shifts to remote classes after the Thanksgiving holiday. The best way to reach us is through email and we are happy to schedule zoom meetings with you.

For inquiries about our undergraduate program, please email Ms. Cheryln Sayles or our Department Chair Dr. Yasemin Besen-Cassino.

For the Master of Arts in Social Research & Analysis or the Graduate Certificate in Data Collection and Management, email our Graduate Coordinator Dr. Christopher Donoghue.

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If you would like to contact another professor, please go to our faculty page.

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Knowledge to address the most challenging issues of our time

Sociology courses stay with your for the rest of your life. Become immersed in classes on Rich and Poor Nations, Environmental Justice, Sexuality, Urbanization, Race and Ethnic Relations, Marriage and Family, Bullying, Social Change, Sports and Gender Policy. You will do your own research on these topics by learning to conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups and ethnographies. The knowledge and skills will make you a perfect candidate for careers in social work, counseling, research, human resources, public relations, criminal justice, education, law, market research and more. Starting in 2021 you can even add a Master’s Degree with just one additional year of study. There’s never been a better time to learn more about Sociology!


Sociology majors pursue a diverse array of careers. Some of the more popular job titles they pursue include Social Worker, Counselor, Market Researcher, UX Researcher, Human Resources Administrator, Teacher, Admissions Officer, Lawyer, Family Planning Specialist, Public Relations Specialist, Researcher, Grant Writer and Sociologist.

Careers in Sociology

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Our Faculty

The Department of Sociology has a roster of full-time and affiliated members from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. It includes scholars in health research, environmental justice, immigration, gender, bullying, demography, development, gender, labor, mass media, religion, race and ethnicity, urbanization, text analysis, theory and youth studies.

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