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Conference Committees

Organizing Committee

Lauren Calabrese, Organizing Committee, Mentoring Committee

Lauren Calabrese is a student in the MA in Social Research and Analysis program. She earned her BFA in Creative Writing with minors in Marketing and Graphic Design from Roger Williams University. She currently works as an editorial associate for the academic journal, Contemporary Sociology at Montclair State University. She applied for the Master’s Degree because she wants to strengthen her research and analytical skills, and ultimately help guide organizations in evidence-based decision making.

Crystal FedeliOrganizing Committee

Crystal Fedeli is a spring 2021 degree candidate for a Master of Arts in Social Research and Analysis, and a Master of Arts in Child Advocacy and Policy with a Child Public Welfare Concentration. She also holds a Data Collection and Management Graduate Certificate, Paralegal Certificate, and a Bachelor of the Arts in English studies. Crystal sits on the Planning Committee for Creating Spaces 2021 and sat on the Dean’s Advisory Board at Montclair State University.

Arianna MenendezOrganizing Committee, Mentoring Committee

Arianna Menendez is a student in both the MA in Social Research and Analysis program and the Graduate Certificate Program for Data Collection and Management. She earned her BA in Sociology with a specialization in Non-Profit and Community Development from The College of New Jersey. She is excited to further the research skills that she gained from her undergraduate experiences and to learn more about data analysis. She plans on pursuing a career in social policy focusing on the criminal justice system.

Noushig OhanianOrganizing Committee, Social Media Coordinator

Noushig Ohanian is a MA student in Social Research and Data Analysis. She earned her BA in General Sociology from William Paterson University. She joined the program to gain experience in the analytical field and improve her research skills. She is currently one of the graduate assistants of the program, where she works on real client projects. Her concentrations will focus on social policy research. In her free time she enjoys baking, watching movies with her kids and taking long walks.

Aisha TarannunOrganizing Committee, Conference Advertising, Mentoring Committee

Aisha Tarannun is a graduate student in the Social Research and Analysis Program. She graduated from her undergrad with a degree in Marketing and decided to pursue her passion of sociology after noticing the current climate of the world. Aisha found the program and Montclair and felt that it was the best program for her goals, passions, and interests. She hopes to take her degree and put it to use in the field of research and policy. She currently works as a graduate assistant and hopes to soon find her place in research.

Social Media Team

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Gabby Gross, Social Media Coordinator

Gabby Gross is a student at Montclair State University earning her MA in Social Research and Analysis and two graduate certificates in Data Collection and Management and Digital Marketing. She earned her BA in Sociology with a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University. After graduating from Montclair State University, she is interested in market research analysis and consumer behavior.

Casey HolmesSocial Media Coordinator

Casey Holmes is a student in the Master’s in Social Research and Analysis program. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Iowa State University in 2020. She currently works as a Voting Rights Policy Intern at Future March, where she researches voting legislation and creates social media campaigns to increase community involvement and raise awareness about voter suppression. She hopes to someday work in Social Policy Research.

Genesis SandovalOrganizing Committee

Genesis Sandoval is a student in the MA in Social Research and Analysis program. She earned her BA in Anthropology and Sociology with a minor in Africana Studies at Stockton University. She is currently a graduate assistant for the Social Research and Analysis program. Her areas of interest include race and ethnicity, migration studies, food insecurity and community engagement. Outside of the classroom Genesis is an aspiring photojournalist with a focus on portrait and street photography.