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MA in Social Research and Analysis

The MA in Social Research and Analysis is a dynamic degree program that trains students to harness the power of data to inform decision making in fields such as market research, health care, education, environmental policy, and more.

Experienced faculty are ready to help you launch a career with research at its center. In the program, you will take courses in survey writing, focus groups, ethnographic research, data analysis and data and text mining using software programs like R, SPSS and NVivo. You can also tailor the degree by choosing electives in social policy research, business analytics or communications and media.

Take courses in person or complete your degree completely online. Montclair is ranked #1 in New Jersey and #24 in the nation for Online Colleges!

As a 30-credit degree, the MA can be completed in just 16 months, and seamlessly paired with the Certificates in Customer & User Experience Research (CX & UX Research), Business Analytics, or Data Collection & Management. The MA and the Data Collection & Management are STEM designated and they can also become a stepping stone to a PhD.

Students are supported with career mentorship, a Monthly Job Digest, a Careers Portal and an annual networking conference we call Creating Spaces: A Conference for Aspiring Difference Makers.

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The degree is appropriate for career titles such as Social Policy Analyst, Market Researcher, Data Consultant, Survey Researcher, Interviewer, Focus Group Moderator, Social Science Researcher, Data Analyst, Community Relations Specialists, Evaluation Researcher, Community and Social Service Specialist, Program Analyst, Government Affairs, and more.