Student Favorite Courses

Sociology Majors talk about the courses they loved for the rest of their lives. Here’s what some of our students say about their favorite courses!

SOCI 102 Racial and Ethnic Relations

Big factor as to why I majored in Sociology. I was always looking forward to what discussions would come up next. -Rey Sentina

Not only was it informative on a topic that is important to me, but it was very interesting and fun. -Sydney Joyce Casey

SOCI 220 Sociology of Rich and Poor Nations

It gave me faith and an understanding into how positive actions here CAN affect others across the world positively, and I strive to use what I learned in this class to help others in my actions. -Stephen Shahin

SOCI 240 Social Statistics

I remember being a nervous wreck taking my first statistics course. Dr. Parashar was so engaging and energetic in the morning it helped ease my nerves about statistics almost immediately. -Brooke O’Donnell

SOCI 312 Environmental Sociology

It makes you aware of how significant our decisions are on the environment and how detrimental they can be on society. -Evelyn Velez

SOCI 316 Sociology of Education

Eye opening class. I enjoyed analyzing the data about what districts were funded better than others. -Ashley Getchell

SOCI 400 Senior Project

You finally take all that information you have learned and put it into use. Once your work is done it is amazing to look back and say, “I did that!” -Courtney Luikert

SOCI 426 Sociology of Sexuality

I really saw people’s ideas and moods shift as the course progressed through the semester. In time they became more accepting and open. -Tayler Szabo