Customer & User Experience Research (CX/UX Research)

The Online Certificate in Customer & User Experience (CX & UX Research) is a cutting-edge program that will train you to explore all aspects of the customer journey as they engage with a product, a service, a website and more. Understanding client experience is a key driver of success in business, health, education and other fields. This is why career opportunities in Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) are expected to grow for at least the next 10 years.

CX and UX Researchers bring a combination of empathy and problem solving skills to the task of understanding customer and user needs. Some use surveys, interviews, focus groups and business ethnographies to learn how best to improve a product or service. Others use more specialized techniques to improve the apps, the websites and the technological devices that we use every day.

The faculty in this program will help you to become a unicorn in this exciting industry by training you to observe customers and users systematically and use the necessary technology to enable an organization to respond to what you’ve learned. That’s what we see as the best recipe for a customer driven approach.

Take courses in person or complete your degree completely online. Montclair is ranked #1 in New Jersey and #24 in the nation for Online Colleges!

Job Seekers with a Bachelor’s in fields like sociology, psychology and anthropology are highly valued in this industry because of their interest in people and human behavior. Those with specialized skills in business, computer science and mathematics also possess advantages.

All aspiring CX and UX Researchers can raise their marketability by learning the most current research strategies and the leading software products for experience management solutions like Qualtrics and NVivo. And if your interests are more broad, you can add more data analytical and visualization skills to your resume by learning to use R and SPSS in the Master’s in Social Research and Analysis or the Certificate in Data Collection & Management. Both current students and alumni of the graduate programs in social research & data analysis can also earn this certificate by taking just a couple of more classes.

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