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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Photo of Barbara Chasin

Barbara Chasin
Professor Emerita
PhD (Sociology), University of Iowa
Interests: Violence and Conflict; Development (with field research in Kerala, India, and the Sahel Region of West Africa)

Photo of Peter Freund

In Memoriam 1940-2014
Peter Freund
Professor Emeritus
PhD (Sociology), New School for Social Research
Interests: Sociology of Health and Illness; Theory; Sociology of the Body

Photo of Mascot

Gilbert Klajman
Professor Emeritus
PhD (Sociology), SUNY Buffalo
Interests: Statistics; Quantitative Methodology; Social Psychology


Benjamin F. Hadis
PhD in sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles
Interests: Development/Globalization; Trust; Risk and Social Protection; Ideology.

Photo of Laura Kramer

Laura Kramer
Professor Emerita
PhD (Sociology), SUNY Stony Brook
Interests: Faculty and Departmental Development and Change; Gender, Work and Technology; Student Retention in Engineering OR

Photo of George Martin

George Martin
Professor Emeritus
PhD (Sociology), University of Chicago
Interests: Environmental and Urban Sociology

Janet Ruane

Janet Ruane
Professor Emeritus
PhD in sociology from Rutgers University
Interests: Research Methods; Popular Culture; Applied Sociology; and Deviance and Social Control

Photo of Gilbert Zicklin

Gilbert Zicklin
Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), University of California, Davis
Interests: Sexuality; Family; LGBTQ Studies